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Sustaining strong growth across a shifting APAC portfolio
APAC executives face a period of extraordinary opportunity marked by heightened uncertainty. With key American and European markets set to slow in 2023, Asia Pacific offers a range of markets poised for continued expansion. However, sustaining growth across these markets will require deft management. China’s business environment is shifting as Xi implements his vision; developed markets are facing powerful headwinds from rising interest rates; and companies are being forced to navigate complex, intensifying geopolitical tensions. Executives who can cut through this uncertainty and move forward with clear-eyed views on what to expect will be well positioned to outperform their peers. Join us for an interactive webinar, in which we will provide pressure-tested perspectives on APAC’s shifting business environment and discuss how to mitigate risks while capitalizing on upside across a range of markets.

May 23, 2023 09:00 AM in Singapore

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